Ready to kick the Fluff Face challenge up a notch and play the EXTREME Edition?

Yeah, we thought you might be. Cotton balls are fun and all, but you know what's even funner? Food.

Here are two versions you can play right now. Just be warned: things are about to get messy up in here.

Version 1: Candy Edition

1. Grab a bottle of your favorite chocolate or caramel syrup and a bag of chocolate chips, M&M's, or Skittles. 

2. Follow the same directions as the Challenge, but instead of slathering your face with lotion, give yourself a choco/caramel-facial and then try to get as many pieces of candy to stick as possible. 

3. The one with the most candy stuck to their face wins. 

Version 2: Peanut Butter Edition

1. Fancy yourself more of a PB fan? Substitute the chocolate syrup for your favorite peanut butter. Serious, clinical research shows creamy tends to work better than crunchy, but who's to say, really. 

2. Next, get your favorite candy. We highly recommend the suggestions from the Candy Edition--M&M's, Skittles, chocolate chips, whatever you want. Go wild, kids. Go wild.

3. You know what to do next. Have fun!