It all started in 2020 when four friends were reminded, like everyone else on Planet Earth, that life is too short to phone it in - even for a single day (thanks COVID).

So we challenged ourselves to come up with some ridiculously fun challenges that we would surprise each other with at a moments notice. Adventures that would create memories that could last a lifetime. The thing is, we got so involved in it that as our friends saw what we were doing, everyone wanted to be a part. But, the challenges weren’t quite the same with 20+ people involved. That’s when we came up with the idea to put them in books that could be done by couples, families, or even by yourself. AND, we thought… how great would it be if we could keep the surprise portion by making the challenges hidden behind a scratch-off.

We made a couple of one off books as samples and suddenly the requests started flying in from friends and family. It was then Project Yes was born. As a group of friends, we wanted to say “yes” to more adventure, more fun, more laughter, more romance, and all the beautiful things in life. These little books sparked a whole new excitement that none of us had experienced before. And, let’s be honest for a moment, we were spending wayyyy to much time on Tik Tok wandering the Internet in search of something shiny – this was a far better alternative.

So, just say Yes, OK? We dare you.

Your next favorite memory is one moment away. New experiences are calling your name. The only question is if you’ll say YES to it. Share fun and creative adventures that help bring partners, friends and family together. We know you to want to juice up your life, have some serious fun with those you care about most, and create some freaking awesome memories. Will you ‘ape’ in and join us on our project to say YES to way more stuff?